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Social Media Marketing


We utilize our most popular social platform partners like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and more to help clients build brand awareness, increase engagement, drive lead generation, and increase sales.


Mobile advertising is the art of marketing your business to appeal to mobile device users. Mobile provides customers using smartphones with personalized, time- and location-sensitive information so that they can get what they need exactly when they need it, even if they’re on the go.


Your business can benefit from numerous perks associated with video advertising. Video content catches users’ attention, and when people tune in, brand awareness goes up.


Digital audio advertising uses voices and sounds to generate emotion. It’s the personal experience that allows listeners to use their imagination; to visualize themselves engaging with the product or service and apply it to their lives. Audio advertising gives advertisers the ability to customize, resonate with unique audiences, and inspire brand engagement.

Digital Out of Home

Digital techniques are giving out-of-home advertising new capabilities. Marketers can now find and reach target audiences and measure digital out-of-home’s effects in driving the outcomes they desire.On screens outdoors — on billboards, at bus stops, and in taxicabs — and indoors on elevators, in stores, in gyms and elsewhere, digital out-of-home (DOOH) is integrating with other parts of a campaign to augment messaging along the customer journey.

Artificial Intelligence

Insights on your brand, competition, audience, and media performance using research and in-depth strategic analysis. Get a clear and deep understanding of how these interlinking elements contribute to advertising success.

Emerging Media

Emerging media gives companies and brands new ways to engage with their customers in creative ways. With advancements in technology and the creation of new platforms from Amazon to Influencers, the advertising opportunities of the future will be part of what Zing Media Group brings to our clients


We have helped thousands of businesses run effective and efficient advertising campaigns. Your business is unique and our process supports that fact.

Understanding Your Needs

We start by analyzing your needs, identifying challenges, establishing objectives, and determining your budget.

Customizing Your Campaign

Next, we define your goals, prioritize your objectives, define success metrics, and design a custom campaign.

Launching and Tracking

We launch your campaigns, manage creative and distribution, optimize, and report.

Campaign Optimization

Throughout your campaign we are always testing, refining, reviewing, and repositioning for optimal results.

Let’s start connecting you with your customers. Everywhere.