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Independent Marketing Manager Program

Become an Independent Marketing Manager and represent our digital Marketing and media suite of services. Get started today and enjoy the rewards! With Social Media and Mobile changing the way we live and do business our program offers you the ability to work for yourself, but not by yourself.

Why Zing Media Group? The experienced executive team and key media partnerships make the difference. Whether you’re looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity to replace a full-time income or you just need extra spending cash, this could be the right opportunity for you.


There are 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users. (Statista, 2020)  
Roughly two-thirds of U.S. adults report that they are Facebook users. (Pew Research Center, 2018)

Average advertising costs for small business operations that use Digital Ads as part of their online advertising strategy are between $9,000 and $10,000 per month.

88% of video marketers say they plan to use YouTube in 2020. (Wyzowl. 2020)

95% of video marketers said they felt they’d increased understanding of their product or service using video. (Wyzowl, 2020)

Mobile advertising spending is expected to surpass $280 billion dollars by 2022.

78% of salespeople engaged in social selling are outselling their peers who are not. (LinkedIn, 2020)

Why Digital Media?

Digital Media, Social platforms, Streaming TV and Mobile. Digital media is recognized as a high growth opportunity. As an Independent Account Manager, you’re walking in the door with respect and recognition, AND you have award-winning products used by consumers and merchants nationally.

Earn Money Faster. Earn great commissions on your sales; earn residual commissions on your accounts every month from your sales volume; earn immediate commissions in the first month; FREE credit card processing and a professional media support team.

Few of Us. More of Them. We’re a modern media company with a virtually untapped market. Why be one of the millions somewhere else, when you could be one of the first in your area with ZMG?

Digital media is HOT! Whatever the season, or economic times, people’s desire to shop never stops. With ZMG digital advertising solutions, we bring the best advertising solutions to you so your clients will see results!

We’re always improving. Our national media partners bring the best in solutions that will differentiate us from competitors.

The Perks of Becoming an Independent Account Manager

Freedom: Work for yourself and be independent, setting your own business goals.

Flexibility: Set your own hours and schedule work around family priorities.

Finances: Pay bills, take that special vacation, or replace your full-time income. How much you earn is entirely up to you!

Fuel your development: With top-notch training programs and tools, you’ll gain business and sales skills that will make you a hot commodity in any market.

Friends: Meet new people through Communities and a supportive network.

Fun: Love what you do and share that joy. It doesn’t feel like work when you make people and businesses happy!

How do you make money?

Are you satisfied with the money you earn? Would you like to double your income OR even replace a full-time job? Our program helps you reach your financial goals in many ways:

Earn Money Faster. Earn great commissions on your sales; earn residual commissions on your Personal Sales Volume (PSV) each month.

Residual Earnings Assurance: Merchants pay the marketing services fees monthly so residual commissions are earned.

NOT an MLM: This is a truly independent representative outside sales program.

Benchmark Bonuses: When you reach goals, you’ll be rewarded with a bonus!

Remember, this is an outside sales opportunity. You choose the goals, and how much money you want to make! Please contact us if you’re interested in joining the ZMG Team.