Who We Are


“To create and communicate business value through marketing

ZMG was born out of our leader’s experience and the revolutionary shift in consumer adoption of digital media. We leverage digital and social media and offer new models for advertising that meet the goals of our clients.

We represent the world’s largest collections of digital media properties, we provide a premium option for advertisers and publishers looking to reach specific audiences locally and at scale in brand-safe environments all through a powerful, unified process.

Our combined assets, including data insights, premium content, powerful technology, and scaled direct-to-consumer distribution, give us a competitive edge — helping to improve advertising for businesses, brands, publishers, and consumers.


Leadership Team

Brad Heureux

Brad is an experienced entrepreneur and senior media executive with proven expertise in implementing media development and advanced marketing and advertising sales for companies like Comcast, Cox, NBC, and top brands. During his tenure with Comcast NBCU he Led a sales organization that delivered $1.6 Billion annual advertising revenue and is recognized as an industry leader.

Gerard Kunkel
Strategic Media Partner

Gerard is a senior media tech executive with decades of experience bringing new products to market (Comcast, Microsoft, GuideWorks) and a successful entrepreneur (FutureVision, WorldGate and Next Media Partners).

Kevin Weedmark
Business Development

Kevin’s focus is on building and developing clients and meeting their goals. An extremely motivated leader who delivers strategic support to help both companies and account managers thrive. Kevin’s experience includes expertise in sales, team training, and client relations.